A Sweet Adventure

Introducing SWEET TOOTH DELIVERY – Middlesbrough.

So on my journies I noticed a new dessert shop opened in my town. It was a hot day and the promise of dessert was overwhelming so in I went; as you enter you’re welcomed by cases of delicious looking cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes and icecreams – the sheer number of options is incredible. I took a seat and pondered through the menu before making my choice.

sweet tooth sundaes

I ordered a ‘Summer Sorbet Sundae’ – a combination of mango, lemon & raspberry sorbet, mango puree, raspberry coulis, fresh strawberries, NY cheesecake cubes and tutti fruitti popping candy whilst my brother ordered a ‘Red Velvet Sundae’.  The presentation was so appetising to look at it made your mouth water and don’t get me started on the taste, the mix of sorbets topped with fresh strawberries and cheesecake bites was heaven. My personal favourite was the raspberry sorbet but they were all delightful. My brother fully enjoyed his sundae too although in his opinion the whipped cream, which I myself didn’t eat was “too thick/gelatinous”.



I just couldn’t leave without first trying one of the smoothies, I ordered the peach, spinach and ginger to go – there wasn’t enough to fill the container so the lovely staff member came and asked if I would like to top it with something else, I chose mango. The flavours combined perfectly although I would have liked to taste the spinach and ginger a little more (personal opinion) but all in all the experience was lovely, the staff member who I unfortunately didn’t get the name of was friendly and the atmosphere of the place was very mellow; the music was at just the right volume and the tables were spaced in a way that even if it was busy you wouldn’t feel busy.

I would definitely recommend however if you want to check them out yourselves they are located at 251 Linthorpe Road or you can go to just-eat see ‘Sweet Tooth Delivery‘ to have tasty treats delivered straight to your door.



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A New Journey


So it’s probably no surprise that like most I struggle to find inspiration to do the simplest things sometimes even putting on pants is a difficult venture. But I recently decided this needed to be changed and I needed to create a more positive and productive mindset.

Well what made me stop and ponder my life choices? A book, well more precisely a notebook/journal. The quotes on the book cover were so positive and uplifting that I couldn’t walk away without purchasing it plus: white text on a black book with a gold finish.

*Sighs* so pretty.


So it begins. New adventures all round. First blogging then who knows, but at least now I have a book to write my thoughts and ideas in. So if you have any ideas on future blog posts just leave a comment and who knows maybe you’ll see a post in the future with your suggestion. =^.^=

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Welcome to my blog,

So I’m new to blogging but bare with me; I intend to post at least once a week probably on a Wednesday or a Saturday. This may change once I get into the swing of things which means I’ll post either more frequently or post on both days. So what can I say about me?

I LOVE TO BLATHER … in short I like to talk. About all sorts of things so there will be plenty for us to enjoy and discuss. Until the first official blog enjoy this picture of my cat Gypsy who will more than likely be making many an appearance here:


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