Recipe for life? A Healthy Start?

smoothie bowl

So there I was coffee in hand, hungry staring into a fridge filled with fruits and veggies: the start to my healthy eating kick. And it dawned on me … I didn’t know what to eat. I looked into healthy starts to the day and came across something new to me. Smoothie bowls. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good smoothie and indulge in them often, an easy way to get your 5 a day in and they taste delicious but I never considered pouring them into a bowl, probably due to the liquid consistency.

Looking into it I found a lot of recipes using frozen fruits and very little liquid base. So I experimented. The one I ended up really enjoying consisted of:

  • 2 small bananas
  • a handful of frozen forest fruits and berries
  • 30ml rice milk

Blended together its consistency was like that of partially melted ice cream. I topped it with oats and fresh blueberries and tucked in. It was filling, delicious and felt more like a dessert than breakfast, therefore, I found I enjoyed it much more. Will definitely be trying this again with different smoothie recipes and toppings. I recommend trying it, I think even kids would enjoy it too (especially if they get to choose what toppings just like with ice cream).smoothie bowl2.jpg

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