Peculiar Children Trilogy Review

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Ransom Riggs Peculiar Children trilogy follows young Jacob as he discovers that his grandfathers’ wild fantastical stories he was told as a child might not be stories after all and his adventures after meeting the ‘peculiar children‘.


So it took me a month total to finish all three installments of the Peculiar Children series; the idea of using found photography to create a narrative grabbed my attention to buy the series and it did not disappoint.

Each storyline, backstory and detail meticulously matched what you saw in the images creating a unique bond between story and image. You felt yourself being drawn further into this weird time loop war-ravaged world because you not only imagined the story and characters in your mind but the inclusion of the photographs made it feel like there was some sort of inkling of the reality behind it. There were plot twists that were unexpected but pleasant as they made the story more enjoyable. The menagerie of characters left you wishing you knew them even if some had some personality “flaws” that in real life you would shy away from but in the end, it added to their depth. Because of the way Riggs portrayed his characters it was easy to see yourself relating to them (more so if you have powers you’re keeping from the world) as people.

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A must-read for those who enjoy fantasy with a slight hint of realism; in my opinion best enjoyed wrapped in a blanket with a warm beverage.

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19 thoughts on “Peculiar Children Trilogy Review

  1. Bethany Naismith says:

    I love fantasy ‘with a slight hint of realism’! Weaveworld by Clive Barker is such a good example of this! I’ve never read these books but heard they were great so I’ll be sure to check them out!


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