Being grateful: 50 things of Happiness

Life has its stresses for some its money, others work, education or even just worried about yourself or those you love. It’s easy for us to focus on the negatives and get in a slump, we get so overwhelmed by the feelings that bring us down that we forget that things won’t always feel that way. But it helps to stop for a moment and look at the little things in life that make you happy, content or bring a little smile to your face. So after recently reading a fellow blogger by the name of Charlotte* I was inspired to do the “50 things of Happiness” list:

  1. A good cup of coffee or tea
  2. A rainy day where I can hear the drip drops against the window
  3. A warm blanket
  4. A good book, one where you can just get lost in the pages
  5. Pizza and a movie with my boy
  6. Harry Potter (films, memorabilia, books)
  7. Getting a new funko figure for my collection
  8. Music something I can lose myself to, dance, sing along, or just lay there enjoying it.
  9. Learning a new recipe
  10. Finding a new tv show or anime to binge watch
  11. New tattoos
  12. New piercings
  13. That spark of inspiration and motivation to paint, draw or create
  14. Trips away with my boy
  15. Playing or cuddling with my cat
  16. That rush of endorphins after working out
  17. Reaching my daily/monthly/yearly goals
  18. When I graduated University
  19. When I got accepted into my Masters
  20. When my boy got accepted at University
  21. Spending time with friends
  22. Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes/Frappuccino (with soy milk)
  23. Baking and coming up with new/alternative recipes
  24. A long hot bath/shower after a long day
  25. Using my lush products after a long day
  26. Finding new brands of things I love
  27. Talking to my internet friends
  28. Playing a board/card game
  29. Watching my boy play his video games
  30. Lighting a scented candle
  31. The sky: sunsets, stars, clouds the lot
  32. When the moon is full
  33. Watching tv shows from my “childhood”
  34. Lots of pillows on my bed (I sleep with 4-5)
  35. A nice pair of pajamas
  36. When the house is clean
  37. Putting clean sheets on the bed and they smell so good
  38. Crystals, gems, gemstones
  39. Wearing “odd” coloured lipsticks
  40. Experimenting with my makeup and hair
  41. Platform shoes
  42. Finding a new app I like
  43. Youtube
  44. When my cat comes to me for snuggles instead of the other way around
  45. Nostalgia
  46. Smoothies, Juices and Banana Nice Cream
  47. Making things: painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing
  48. When my boy gets home from work
  49. When I feel productive
  50. This blog. I’ve really enjoyed making this blog a part of my daily routine it makes me smile every day.



Jen Collins Artwork page 80

So what things are you grateful for, what makes you happy?

Either make a list of your own, blog about it and leave me the link to check out or just think about it.

All images are photographs of pages taken from a book I own called “You are so loved”.

*check out Charlottes list here

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30 thoughts on “Being grateful: 50 things of Happiness

  1. anovembernight says:

    “When my cat comes to me for snuggles instead of the other way around” THIS!
    Girl this list is on point! I think my #1 thing of happiness right now is my family. A bear, A cat and two cutie babies!


  2. Jasmin N says:

    I needed this in my life so bad at the moment. Thanks for sharing ❤ I've been stressing like a crazy if I'm going to lose my job in co-operation negotiations and I've seen 7 of my closest workbuddies to lose their jobs. I'm just afraid I'm going to be next one. Thank goodness the negotiations will be over in Friday and if I'm not called to the chat I'll get to keep my job. Fingers crossed!

    ~ Jasmin N


  3. stylisland says:

    I really love this post, partly just because it’s a great list of happy things, but more because I can totally relate! I’ve been keeping a list of things that make me happy from clothing, to coffee, a moment, music, and more for the longest time!! 🙂 thanks so much for sharing this great list and the reminders 🙂 xx Bee


  4. Saranda (@SarandaAdriana) says:

    Loved this! I love a happy list and I saw so many things that made me happy! Harry Potter all things is always good! Music, a good cup of tea! I think I might need to make a list like this myself, to remind me of the small things that make me happy 🙂


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