My Current Obsessions/Favourites


Everyone has them; those things that you either can’t live without, use everyday or that when you use put a smile on your face.

When I start to obsess over something I obsess hard (ask any of my friends about my Harry Potter obsession). But still, when I find something that I do in fact love, I have to share where I found it and why I love it so much. So here are my current five “obsessions” or favourites if you will.


Starting off my obsession list is my Batman Hand Mirror, since finding this it’s always with me. One side is a regular the other is magnified, it was a perfect find in my eyes as usually, I have to use my phone camera. Finding it must have been fate since lately you’ll never find me without a bold matte lip, there is always a tube of matte lipstick in either my bag or pocket. But with a matte lip comes the need to top up during the day especially after a latte or some food. Knowing myself I’ll soon be purchasing more matte lippies probably in some less standoffish colours (I’ve had my eye on some lovely nude shades).


My next obsession, which I’m glad to have in my life again after missing it for so long is Snapple in raspberry and peach. These are delicious, I must admit though I’ve only drunk this flavour although my local store stocks Strawberry and Kiwi too (I’ve stayed clear since I’m allergic to kiwis) but I’m addicted. These were an accidental find which I’m grateful for, having given up sodas and energy drinks this month I was looking for something to quench my thirst and give me energy when I came across these juices again. I try my best not to clear the shelf of them whenever I’m in the shop, they are so sweet without being overwhelming. The main taste is the peach it overpowers the raspberry but in the best way possible. I don’t feel too guilty drinking two of these in a row because they boast 50 calories per bottle which are about 430ml and not many ingredients:


Harry Potter Slippers, Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser

Whenever I am walking about my flat I wear these fluffy Harry Potter emblem slippers, I hate climbing into bed at night and feeling like there are bits from the floor in my sheets (perhaps I’m strange or overthinking). But I enjoy slipping my feet into the soft “fur” lining they are warm, cozy and easy to clean. When I’m ready to end the night I slip my slippers on, head to the bathroom and take a long shower. Whilst showering I take a small lump of this facial cleanser from Lush, which becomes a paste in the shower and cleans my face. I do it in the shower because there are bits of lavender and the cleanser itself is quite bitty so it can get everywhere, however removing it is easy enough by running your face under the water. I’m obsessed with it because it smells delightful, a mixture of rose, lavender, and almonds and it leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and soft. It’s the only facial cleanser I’ve used that doesn’t stop working after a few uses.

  1. Batman Hand Mirror – Primark £1.50
  2. Matte Lipsticks – Various £3-£7
  3. Snapple Peach and Raspberry flavour – £1.50
  4. Harry Potter Slippers – Primark £4
  5. Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser (100g) – LUSH £7.50

What are your current obsessions?

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32 thoughts on “My Current Obsessions/Favourites

  1. Lena says:

    Lush cosmetics is down the street from where I live and I still have yet to try their products!! Every time I pass by their store, I am tempted to go in but dont because I know I’ll come out broke 😀


  2. GIGI says:

    I have a pink mirror the same size as yours, with a golden flamingo in the middle. Pretty much all my friends laugh at me when they see it. But the batches ask for a mirror later on! I am allergic to kiwi too 😁
    My current obsessions the cute owl family pajamas, Nuxe cleanser. GIGI.


  3. clairedavey51 says:

    my current obsession is my art naturals foot soak. every night I soak my feet cos I love the smell of Epsom salts and tea tree oil it is a relaxing smell. what a great idea for a post and well written too.


  4. breharne says:

    Ummmmm, Harry Potter slippers – NEEEEEEED! And thanks for sharing your cleanser I am in the market to try a new one and might give the Lush one a try.


    • watchmeblather says:

      Lately I’ve been loving my matte black lipstick, but it really depends on the outfit that I’m wearing and the mood I’m in. All my lipsticks are what are considered “unconventional” colours apart from my Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit 🙂


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