Update: A Month On

So about a month ago I wrote a blog post about how I had chosen to cut out toxic habits (mainly energy drinks and fizzy drinks such as soda), starting with a month. If you haven’t seen that blog you can check it out here: My Big Decision: Cutting out toxic habits


Well then onto the results. The first thing I noticed from giving up these kinds of drinks is the money that I saved,  a single can of energy drink cost me £1 I was drinking 1-2 a day meaning I was spending in total £7-14 a week on energy drinks alone which is ridiculous. Now onto what I’ve noticed about myself.

In the first week I didn’t crave them at all, which was lucky, however I did feel tired all the time. Grabbing coffees and green teas whenever I felt the slump hit or having a nap whichever happened first. The lethargy dissipated in the second week but that’s when the craving for anything and everything sugar hit, and when it hit, it hit HARD. I just wanted to monster everything chocolatey, cakey and sugary, but I stopped myself from falling into that trap which also meant I kept on track. As for the last two weeks, I realized I didn’t even think about it. When I went into a shop and was thirsty I aimed for juice or water. Yes I was drinking tea and coffee more often but since I don’t take sugar or milk in either it’s not so bad and I also found myself trying new combinations for juices, waters, and smoothies.

Physically and mentally it was hard at first and I didn’t see any results right away, pair that with the first two weeks of tiredness and cravings I was close to giving in. But towards the end I noticed I was more alert in the mornings, my workouts affected me better and I had more energy to do them, I’m not bloated all the time and myself and others have noticed that my stomach is beginning to look flatter/slimmer. I’ve also started drinking at least a liter of water in various forms a day so my skin looks clearer and I no longer need a nap between 3-5pm. So all in all my hard work and determination is paying off. I’ll definitely be keeping up with the no energy drinks/sugary/fizzy drinks, after all, I don’t need to add any more sugar to my diet and the results are great.

So what’s your “toxic” habit and do you think you should cut it out/reduce it?

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36 thoughts on “Update: A Month On

  1. Sarah from LavenderLife says:

    Good job! I’ve personally never been into soda’s, my stomach can’t handle them so I never felt the desire to drink them.

    But I used to be addicted to drinking coffee. Last winter I decided to quit and the first two weeks were the hardest as well, I was craving it so much! But after that I also started to feel better, and often replaced coffee with a glass of water – which is doing wonders for my health. I feel less tired towards the end of the day (coffee always made me crash after a few hours) and because I’ve been drinking more water I’m able to exercise better. It’s so nice!

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  2. Laveena Sengar says:

    This is something really cool. Even I have cut down on my sugar intake and my friends tell me that there are certain good changes they notice with my body. Just keep going, you will get won’t results.


  3. daytoday MOMents says:

    Great job on keeping on track, I’d watch out for those juices and smoothies though. Unless you are making it yourself it can be full of sugar and additives. If you don’t already read labels, and the ingredients in everything 🙂
    I try to drink seltzer when I have the soda craving, drink homemade smoothies and drink juice only on occasion. My bad habit – I’ve picked up is coffee. I am dependent on it, and I don’t like being dependent on anything. lol


  4. mymondaylove says:

    Oh, I did the same thing about a year ago and I have had 2 diet cokes since. I thought that I couldn’t live without them. But now I cant see myself ever drinking or eating such unnatural stuff ever again. good job!!!!! xx


  5. clairedavey51 says:

    WOW what a great insightful post. we all hear how cutting these things out can affect us but to hear it first hand is so much more encouraging. Thanks for this post I will certainly mention you in my journal post I too have started about cutting bad habits out.


  6. Ree says:

    This is such a good post! I used to live on fizzy drinks when I was younger and when I quit, I felt so much better and healthier with a noticeable difference physically especially my skin 😄 Ree Love30


  7. Salwa says:

    Congratulations- this is great! I don’t really have “toxic” habits as I eat a whenever possible (I travel almost every week) a home-made gluten-free plant-based diet, no coffee and no sodas. My only weakness is my love of tea and of sweet threats. But I don’t eat any refined sugar anymore (there are many natural alternative to this) and drink less but only the finest teas I can get my hands into. Being a trained nutritionnist definitely helps stay clear from anything that may be not good for my body and health. Keep up the great work!


  8. kiirstenjones says:

    Oh I definitely think I’m going to give this a try! I need to cut them out completely, it’s scary how addictive they are really isn’t it. But well done on not caving in, brilliant achievement xx


  9. breharne says:

    Wow I didn’t realise that you would actually notice any changes just from stopping and in such a short period of time… I am thinking of curving my coffee habit and replacing some coffees with a green tea or juice with vegetables.


  10. Ron Mariano says:

    Congrats on your accomplishments! It’s great that you saw some positive differences like your skin getting clearer. It’s also great that you’re saving as much money you’re saving! I never really got into the energy drinks but I do drink a lot of coffee and have been drinking a lot of iced tea lately. All unsweetened but sometimes I put a little bit of milk. Hope you’re well 🙂

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer


  11. Katrina Honer says:

    Congrats! I personally don’t drink coffee but I gave up soda years ago and never felt better. I tried it once a few months ago and it was so sweet I found it disgusting! Crazy to think how one change in your daily habits can really make a significant impact. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Katja Knox says:

    Well done darling, it takes real determination to cut sugar out and I really feel you with the energy drinks. I quite caffeine for a month at one point when I realised I consumed about 10 cups of super strong coffee a day and it was the hardest thing. I suffered migraines and had the shakes and it was just awful. Felt better for it afterwards (in about 3 weeks time) but man, it was a crazy ride. So thumbs up and hope you’re still persevering!
    Katja xxx


    • watchmeblather says:

      I’m still keeping this up 🙂 i tried to have a glass of coke recently but it made me bloated and gave me a migraine so decided to just not bother. And I feel you on the coffee thing, I’ve forcefully made myself stop drinking so much I was having about 10-12 cups a day too now I have maybe 4-6 cups a week big change.


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