Post workout/quick meal smoothie


One of my favourite things to eat/drink when the weather gets warmer, I’m in a rush or I need an energy boost after a big workout is smoothies. It’s quick, filling and depending on the ingredients can satisfy your sweet or savory tooth. I have a lot of recipes (which I might be willing to share in the future) but this one here is my favourite. It’s my take on a typical “green smoothie” or “green juice” (I have to omit the pineapple due to allergies).

Ingredients (on a typical 500ml smoothie):

  • 1/2 frozen/fresh ripe mango
  • 1 whole frozen banana (I tend to have the precut into banana pennies but depending on your blender you may be able to throw the whole banana in)
  • kale (just a handful)
  • 100ml rice milk
  • 150ml cold water

Blend together until smooth then serve.

See what did I say simple and quick. I tend to freeze my ingredients because it makes the smoothie thicker and cold which is just what’s needed after a workout but feel free to use fresh. Also, I use milk substitutes but this could be done with just water, fresh juices like pineapple or mango, or if you like 250ml of any kind of milk you like be it regular cows milk or a milk substitute such as almond, soy, rice or coconut. Also, play about with the amounts, if you like mango more than banana use more mango, if you like the earthy taste of kale add more kale. If you want it to be sweeter perhaps add some blueberries or passionfruit if you like it earthier throw in some spinach. It’s really up to your preference.

So what’s your favourite smoothie/juice flavour?

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26 thoughts on “Post workout/quick meal smoothie

  1. ontherytepaige says:

    I vary, sometimes I like green smoothies with kale and avocado, other times, I enjoy strawberry and banana with cacao nibs,


  2. Abby says:

    I like this green smoothie recipe! It’s nutritious. My boyfriend likes a protein shake after his workouts. I think I’ll rotate between your recipe and a chocolate shake. I’m sure he’ll enjoy this smoothie. Thanks!


  3. Ron Mariano says:

    Great easy recipe. I pretty much have all the ingredients in the kitchen except for the rice milk. I gotta find one of those. It sounds and looks delicious too. I like smoothies that are quite sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet, so I’ll try the blueberry route. Thanks!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

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