Healthy King Prawn Pasta Recipe

It is one of my goals in life to discover as many healthy and delicious recipes as I’m able, however sometimes it’s nice to just make something up and hope for the best. Here is one I came up with recently that I love and make quite often.



  • 50g pasta
  • 30g baby spinach
  • 40g yellow bell pepper
  • 100g beansprouts
  • 30g tenderstem broccoli
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 100g shelled king prawns
  • sprinkle of chilli flakes
  • a sprinkle of salt
  • 1tsp chilli infused oil (whatever you have will be fine)
  1. Boil the pasta in a pan of hot water with the baby spinach.
  2. Dice the garlic and in a separate pan fry it in the oil until it is fragrant turn down the heat and add the bean sprouts.
  3. Dice all the vegetables and add to the pan of boiling pasta, add the king prawns to the pan with the garlic and beansprouts.
  4. When the king prawns are cooked remove from pan, add the veggies to the pasta, drain, and plate up.
  5. Add the prawns on top of the pasta and vegetables, sprinkle some chilli flakes and salt over the top. Serve and Enjoy.

If you make this please take photos and tag my facebook page WatchMeBlather, to let me know what you think of it.

What’s your favourite pasta recipe?
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36 thoughts on “Healthy King Prawn Pasta Recipe

  1. Trinity says:

    This recipe seems easy and delicious! I love pasta, prawns and all the ingredients, but I don’t really enjoy the taste of garlic. Maybe I’ll use just one clove of garlic! 😉


    • watchmeblather says:

      you could make it with anything you like, chicken, pork, turkey or go meatless with tofu or quorn, or just leave it as is with just the pasta and veg with the chilli flakes 🙂 top with a sauce of your choosing or leave as is 🙂


  2. aureliebumpblush1 says:

    This looks yummy, love prawns !! My favourite pasta dish has to be bolognese, my italian friend showed me the “proper way” to make it….it’s honestly the best thing in the world!


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