My 5 Fixable “Flaws”

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” – J K Rowlings


So like many, I have things that we consider flaws, some are genetic others a factor of lifestyle and personality. But many of them are at least in my mind fixable given time and will to better yourself. Here are what I consider 5 of my fixable flaws:

  1. Procrastination – I have always had a problem with getting up and getting things done. As I’ve gotten older and started to learn more about responsibility, however, I still struggle with it. To fix it I’ve started writing daily goals to ensure I do what I need to, as well as making sure I stick to my blog post schedule.
  2. Fitness – Lately I’ve started getting really into fitness again, however, my stamina and strength aren’t as they were before. To overcome this I’ve been making sure I work out for at least 30 minutes a day, upping my cardio and weight training to help better myself
  3. Motivation – this goes hand in hand with that last two, some days I would like to be able to just jump out of bed, full of smiles and power through my to-do lists, however, I’m human (mostly cat but still) but I’ve decided to start working on this. Mainly by setting a time to wake up every day and sticking to it, trying to fulfill at least 3 things a day off my lists and working out every day.
  4. Unhealthy eating (junk food) – Now I love cooking and healthy meals but sometimes there’s nothing better than a greasy takeaway, chocolate bar or something sugary sweet. However I understand these are detrimental to my health and fitness goals so I’ve decided to do as I did with soda and energy drinks, and take a month out where I don’t eat any takeaways.
  5. Creative slump/block – This is something that terrifies me as a creative person, I’ve recently had trouble creating something, anything. But I realised that my keeping away from drawing because I feel as though my work is bad at the moment isn’t helping me so I’m taking it upon myself to try drawing or creating something every day even if it’s just a little doodle, as well as working on my photography which is a newly reignited love of mine.


So do you have a fixable “flaw”? If so what is it and can you do to fix it? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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30 thoughts on “My 5 Fixable “Flaws”

  1. American Hijabi says:

    I love it! I think your “5 Fixable Flaws” are similar for a lot of people, including myself. While I enjoy going to they everyday, sometimes I just want some wings or a burger + fries…and maybe a coney dog. We have have things that are “fixable” but it never hurts to indulge every once in a while. Thanks for sharing



  2. Monica Preethi says:

    I love your post. Point 4 especially… ughhh eating healthy always, is so hard man.But I’ve definitely improved over the last few months. Thanks for sharing this very relatable post. And point 3 cracked me up(mostly cat ) ROFL ❤
    You're awsome


  3. ontherytepaige says:

    I think its really cool when people discuss flaws and development – I think in acknowledging this in ourselves, can we begin to improve or move past these. Great piece!


  4. Michaela says:

    Aren’t u actually writing about me?! Cuz I would write these exactly same 5 points! Well… maybe one day we will overcome them, I wish we will, but sth tells me they’ll always be with us, at least a bit hahah….cuz doing nothing in bed is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. khoner001 says:

    I feel like your fixable flaws resonate with so many others, including myself! For me, it’ really about eating on time. I can go a whole day without eating and that’s just as bad as eating junk food. There are good days and bad and I just how to get better 🙂


  6. Saranda says:

    Interesting read! I feel like these are for a lot of people things that are fixable. Personally I feel the 3rd one regarding motivation the most. And the unhealthy eating 😉 We should just try to stick to it, whenever you have a less productive day remember that tomorrow might be very different 🙂


  7. laveenasengar says:

    It’s good to care about your own flaws and feel the need to fix them. It is very important. I feel procrastination is a general human behaviour. I would like to fix my sleeping habit.


  8. Karoliina Kazi says:

    Procrastination – I need to work on that for sure. I’m trying to stop eating any sugary treats and I’ve been doing pretty well for two weeks now. Until yesterday we got a huge box of macaroons as a gift… it’s getting hard to stay away from the box 🙂


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