Featured Post [Royal Lemon Creations Review]

So as well as blogging I am a Graphic Design graduate, studying a MA in Fine Art and create and sell jewellery. My jewellery company called Royal Lemon Creations got a wonderful review from a friend/customer called Alda that I would like to share and feature on today’s blog.


Pictured: Alice in Wonderland inspired charm bracelet, Royal Lemon Creations logo sticker and little note that came with it.

The awaveofbooks review can be read here. I really appreciate hearing from my customers as it allows me to learn and grow. You can also check out Aldas here as well as her own blog awaveofbooks.

If you are interested in seeing more of my creations or ordering from me you can find my store here.


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38 thoughts on “Featured Post [Royal Lemon Creations Review]

  1. Jasmin N says:

    Wooh I had no idea that you’re making jewellery! Oh my goodness I’ll definitely be checking that out 🙂
    So wonderful!

    ~ Jasmin N


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