Nosh Healthy Kitchen Juice Review



So this week was freshers at university and whilst I was out I popped into my local Nosh Healthy Kitchen to check out there new juice bar. Everything on the menu sounded delicious and originally I ordered the ‘Immune Builder’ but changed last minute to try the SLIM-N-TRIM and I don’t regret it.

The SLIM-N-TRIM has apple juice, mint, spinach, kale and lime, although you’d expect it to have a overwhelming earthy taste it doesn’t. The mint is the prominent flavour so you do have to like mint, but the flavours together make it a pleasant tasting juice. My only downside is that it was a little bitty, but this doesn’t take away from it.

Next time I go in I think I’ll try the Muscle Man (espresso, almond milk, chocolate drops and protein powder) or the Immune Booster albeit without the pineapple ( blueberry, coconut water, spinach and lime juice).

Do you have a favourite juice or juice place?

*image taken from Nosh facebook page.


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39 thoughts on “Nosh Healthy Kitchen Juice Review

  1. shutthefrontdorr says:

    Mmmm, the Muscle Man sounds delicious. We don’t have a Nosh here in the US, but it sounds great! I might need to try to make a yummy juice at home instead!


  2. theCuriousPixie says:

    Love a juice bar. I’m a regular at Crussh and Love their Green Goddess. They’ve recently started a Tumeric Toner with all the hype surrounding Tumeric at the moment. Pretty tasty with apples, pears and ginger!


  3. Heather Lilia says:

    Ah I love juices that err on the sweeter side and I always refuse to put carrots in mine! I’m sure the mint adds such a nice undertone. If you’re looking for something to dilute the mint flavor a little, cucumber is my go to base! 🙂

    I actually made a juice post about a month ago talking about my favorite combinations which can be found here (, but my absolute favorite juice combo is Cucumber, Apple, Kale, and ginger (as a detoxer ingredient)! 🙂


  4. rachelmariehughes says:

    Oh wow that sounds yummy! I wish we had better juice bars where im at! The mint in the smoothie sounds delicious..i would’ve never thought to add that!


    • watchmeblather says:

      it’s quite easy to make at home if you have a juicer 🙂 i’ve made it a few times since. x2 green apples, 1 lime, 60g baby spinach and couple mint leaves. it made about 400-600ml of juice 🙂


  5. helenevlacho says:

    Sounds delicious! I will try to find a similar natural juice in a local shop tomorrow and i will ask for peppermint. I am curious about that taste.


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