Creams Cafe Review


Pictured: Chocolate Fudge Mess Waffle, Coffee Bean Latte Sundae

So after a particularly difficult set at the gym, my partner and I decided we really needed to eat and both had the urge for something sweet. On our way home we noticed Creams Cafe and decided to pop in and try it. We were greeted by a member of staff and shown to a booth, the overall atmosphere was lovely, it was relaxed and the purple and black aesthetic was to die for. There were tv’s everywhere to entertain the customers, and each booth had its own personal tv; as it’s October the film Hotel Transylvania was playing (which is one of my favourite films to watch around this time).

We were given a menu, chose what we fancied; which was no easy task given the sheer variety of options and went up to the till to order. The food arrived promptly, we barely waited before our food arrived. I chose the Coffee Bean Latte Sundae which consisted of “Crushed wafer base, Cappuccino, Dolce Latte and Vanilla Icecream, chocolate shavings, chocolate coffee beans and chocolate and caramel syrup”. And my partner ordered the Chocolate Fudge Mess Waffle, a waffle with crumbled fudge cake and toffee sauce, you could choose icecream or whipped cream (he chose icecream).

When it arrived we were both pleasantly surprised. Not just by how delicious they both looked but by the sheer size of them. I didn’t want to eat mine, for fear of ruining the perfect swirls of ice cream and toppings but I did and OH MY GOODNESS. The ice cream was soft and flavourful, the chocolate, vanilla, and coffee blended together perfectly, it was like eating a latte in ice cream form. I have to admit I struggled to get through it, there was just so much to eat and even though I personally don’t like caramel or chocolate syrup, it was still enjoyable because the coffee was the more prominent flavour.

In the end, the two dishes cost just shy of £15, which honestly was worth the price. I would definitely recommend checking them out if there is one near you.

If you wish to find out if there is a Creams Cafe near you check here: Creams Cafe Stores

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47 thoughts on “Creams Cafe Review

  1. Heather Lilia says:

    I have such a sweet tooth and the whipped cream on this looks absolutely delicious. I wish there was something like this near where I lived… it’d be the ultimate date spot, and dessert go-to!


  2. denisemcd75 says:

    The Sundae looks huuuuge! That’s such a cool idea having films in your booths. I love Hotel Transylvania too, hoping to watch the second one this weekend as not seen it yet 😊 xx


  3. Nina Goodfellow says:

    With time to spare waiting for the train home, I decided to go into Creams as it was certainly very tempting. Apart from food and a good looking list of ice creams to enjoy sitting down, they do tubs and cones, so I went for 2 favourites and I must say, the lemon sorbet and straciatelli were absolutely delish!


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