[New Series] “You do you: Take care of yourself”

So the year is quickly approaching the end and as it does a few things have been bothering me as of late. So as we start a new month, and we’re one month closer to the new year I’ve decided to create a new series on this blog called “You do you“, each month I will post a blog called “You do you: [insert topic]” where I will be discussing a topic that I feel I need to address. It may be in the style of a journal entry, a discussion, a Q&A or series of tips I want to share.

So without further ado, the first blog of the series:

 You do you: Take care of yourself.


Nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the park whilst watching the squirrels play

So with everything in life it’s easy to become overwhelmed with stress, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that although stress is not a choice, there are ways of helping yourself cope. There came a moment in my adult life when it just clicked that a lot of my stresses were caused by my need at that time to please others, so of course it goes without saying that I then decided to STOP TRYING TO PLEASE OTHERSWhen I decided to do this a weight was lifted, now of course it’s not possible to stop trying to please everyone as I’m a university student so therefore there I do need to please some people, however I stopped trying to please those that in my mind are not important to please.


One of the loves of my life: Gypsy, my snugglepuss

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, something I try to live by everyday. Eat foods you enjoy, watch the shows you enjoy, wear what makes you comfortable, study the degree you want and follow a career that makes you happy. Of course there’s a balance to be struck as responsibility sometimes outweighs your own wants but that’s why I always try to TAKE TIME OUT OF EVERY DAY TO SPEND TIME ON YOU, whether that’s by going for a walk, snuggling a pet or significant other, reading a book or doing something that comforts you and that you enjoy.


Post morning workout breakfast

Along with taking time out every day to de-stress and unwind, I am a big advocate of LOOKING AFTER YOUR BODY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR MIND. Since I started working out 4-5 times a week, eating better and cutting out/down toxic habits such as sodas, caffeine and alcohol I’ve found my mental state is a lot better, of course I’m not perfect I still need to fix my sleep and my anxiety still affects me daily but I’m coping better. Probably the surge of endorphins and the fact that I no longer feel ill because I’m eating better. However, another reason I’m feeling better is that finally after years of struggling on my own I decided to seek help for my anxiety and panic attacks. I had always been afraid of people thinking I was weak if I told them about my mental health problems, that’s the best thing I have done and I recommend that if you are struggling, overwhelmed and hurting to TALK TO SOMEONEBe it a doctor, a friend, your significant other, just talk to them.

So that’s the first of the ‘You do you’ series.

My question for you: What do you do to take care of yourself?

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46 thoughts on “[New Series] “You do you: Take care of yourself”

  1. Kintan Tanti Thurau says:

    Amazing post dear, love what you written and sharing on your post. Some of them a bit similar as mine. I love enjoying a cup of coffee every morning and afternoon. But i feel not really happy when I don´t enough exercised 3 or 4 time a week, included dancing and lift weight on my weekly routine. But enough sleep on my daily routine is big important for me, this is what give me enough energy for my activities.


  2. denisemcd75 says:

    I probably should take care of myself a bit better as I had been up to a couple of months ago but having a hot drink and watching wildlife play and eat sounds like a good way to just chill out and forget the worries of the day. Cuddling my two kittens certainly make me feel much better that’s for sure. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jasmin N says:

    These are so wonderful tips & self-care is so important 🙂 It’s one of the keys for happier life I believe. Can’t wait to follow up this series 🙂

    ~ Jasmin N

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Борка Шаула says:

    I should start something similar on my blog since I love the idea. Well. I am only 18, and the stress already eats me up. Not saying that I have some real issues to stress about but it just the little and obvious things affect on me. Would love to change that

    Liked by 1 person

  5. sashatheadventurer says:

    Oh, amazing post. I reminded me my new post, I was talking about similar things, that´s why I agree with you with every point, especially the first one, about pleasing others. Stop to please others is the best thing you can make for yourself.
    Also, I ´m glad for your new series, sounds like you do you will be very interesting reading 🙂



  6. katrinajeancarter says:

    Great post, hun. It’s always a great reminder knowing that this is our own life. What makes us happy can be different from another so self care varies from one person to the next. I can attest to the points you’ve given as I do them myself 🙂 I also agree that taking care of yourself is not just physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.


  7. Meiah | My Crazy Hectic Life says:

    To take care of myself, I workout, eat healthier, and use more relaxing techniques.

    I am very interested in how the rest of this series will turn out. Great idea! You are completely right, stress is inevitable, it is up to you how you will let it affect you.


  8. Heather Lilia says:

    I definitely try to take care of myself but it’s usually easier said than done. I’m horrible at getting enough sleep and eating three meals a day, but I’m always trying to do better…and that’s all you can really do right? :p


  9. Rose Sahetapy says:

    Stop trying to please others is spot on! And it’s a big relief, I must say. Basically, anything that makes us much healthier and happier physically and mentally are the things we need to put on our priority. Love your idea of “You do you” and putting it as monthly post.


  10. Shahira says:

    Taking care of my body and health – As a mother this is what I intend to do. I have been trying for so long somewhere I fail again. I just cannot end up having a schedule. I really need to.

    Thank you for this post. Intend to start again tomo with the diets.


  11. colenemeth31 says:

    These are all really great tips! I’ve always been a fan of writing in my journal to feel good. I also started going for more nature walks, which has really been good for me. And going to bed earlier!


  12. Thuli Mac says:

    Great idea of a post! I love it and I totally agree with all those points. Self love is so important and needs to be practiced more than aspired to! Thank you for this! Great reminders. Thuli Mac | TooAndALee.com


  13. Sarah says:

    I love this post! I didn’t value me-time that much before, but nowadays I’m all about taking care of myself and try to stop getting influenced by other people’s opinion. Especially at the end of a rough week, I love to take a whole day to myself when I don’t really have to do anything, just sleep in, take a bubble bath, read a good books and watch a lot of tv shows!


  14. mstomilola says:

    You’re my kind of lady!!! Definitely feel you on this one, it’s so important to do you! Such a good idea for a series. Keep it up, I’ve written a similar post not long ago… “how you gonna win when you aren’t right within” x


  15. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life says:

    I agree with all these points. I blog abut being happy and at peace, plus motivating yourself to be a better you so this is a post I can really agree with and relate to. We need to remember to take care of ourselves and make it a habit every day.


  16. Saranda says:

    This post is absolutely true! I mostly loved your tips to stop pleasing others and to do more of what you love! It’s so important to sometimes put your own wellbeing first! You can not care for others before you care for yourself 🙂


  17. Anastasia Nicole says:

    Love the idea of looking after your body to look after your mind. So many people don’t understand that what you mind into your body has a profound effect on your mental state. Personally, I have to eat as much fresh organic veggies, drink as much water as possible, and get out and moving to stay on track.
    xx | A


  18. lainaleighh says:

    I definitely needed to read this today. Thank you so much for your kind words of inspiration. I think we all just need a reminder sometimes to stop trying to make others happy without double-checking that our selves are doing okay!


  19. Heather Lilia says:

    I like how positive your You Do You series is and all of these are important reminders! It’s so easy to feel overloaded in your everyday life, and self care is so important to a happy and healthy life.

    x Heather || stormywheather.com


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