[You do you]: “Do more of what you love”

Life is stressful, everyone knows this. But as I said in [New Series] “You do you: Take care of yourself”, all you can do is – do what makes you happy, spend time on yourself every day and stop trying to please others. Easier said than done I know but sometimes the way to a happier you is literally having “no f**ks to give” in regards to what others think about you.


Hank and Mad Hatters Hat mugs*

Something that continues to annoy me is being constantly told I’m too old to obsess over things like Harry Potter or Disney but at the end of the day nothing makes me happier than curling into bed or up on the sofa with my HP PJs, drinking a tea or coffee from my Hedwig or one of my special Disney mugs and watching a film.; be it Disney, Studio Ghibli or other. And why should what other people’s opinion on what is “appropriate” for my age matter? It doesn’t. Everyone needs an outlet, or two, or many to get away from the stresses of the dreaded ADULTING. So whether you enjoy knitting, painting, reading. learning a new language or like me collecting and obsessing over all things Disney, Harry Potter, and Ghibli – you do you.


Porridge with maple syrup and bananas, fresh blueberries and strawberries and tea

Following on from what I was talking about above, another thing that is brought up often is my lifestyle. I dress how I feel; some days that’s a graphic tee and leggings other days it’s a gothic dress with platforms, I live for matte lipsticks usually in strange colours and I’m covered in tattoos and piercings, my house is plain but “geek chic” and I workout 4-5 days a week although I still haven’t given up junk food (something I need to work on) and you know what that’s just me. Your appearance, choice of decor and lifestyle shouldn’t define you as a person, instead choose to do things that make you happy (within reason of course if it’s illegal I’d stay clear lol).


Overwhelmed with uni work on a Friday night #studentlife

Career. It’s the big one that “adults” like to bring up often. I’m unemployed. Something most will remind me often. However I chose to go back to uni to get my Masters and that takes up a lot of my time, my MA is in a field that most consider “dead-end” (Fine Art) but I chose it for me and my end goal. Same goes for blogging, others tell me it will go nowhere but I do it because I enjoy engaging with others, writing and exploring new things, not for followers or views (although I’m grateful for them) and especially not for money. Pick a career YOU love, not something that others deem a “good” career choice; if you want to be a lawyer go to uni and study law, you’re happy working in retail, a coffee shop or being self-employed good for you, same goes for those stay at home parents. Don’t settle for a job because others say you have to, instead work hard and go for your dreams whatever those may be.


Jewellery made by Royal Lemon Creations (me)**

In the end, you can’t please everyone but one person you can always ensure is happy is yourself, you give yourself more stress trying to be what others want than being yourself, so why continue trying to do so?

*Disney mugs: Mad Hatters Hat and Hank mug
** Jewellery Royal Lemon Creations

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42 thoughts on “[You do you]: “Do more of what you love”

  1. Saranda says:

    Agreed with Jasmin, you are never to old for Disney! I think it’s good that you decided to go your own way and I really hope you find a lovely job in your field of passion when you are ready with your masters 🙂 Keep on going!


  2. denisemcd75 says:

    As has already been said you are never too old for Disney, my parents in law were at Disneyland Paris in August….they are in their 70s!! Love Disney and still watch my DVDs from time to time (also all the HP too). This adulting shit is too hard at times & I would love to go back to being a child with no worries or stress, as that’s never going to happen then watching those films helps me forget about things for a while 🙂 xx


  3. helenevlacho says:

    Wonderful thoughts! We are never too old for anything literally. Here comes my ”moto”: “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ron Mariano says:

    You’re not too old to obsess on things like Harry Potter and Disney. I’m obsessed with those things too but maybe a little less on Disney. I even have a Ravenclaw scarf that I actually wear! You do you, Kitty! I wish you success at Uni and obtaining your Master’s Degree.

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer


  5. Sheri says:

    You are responsible for yourself and all you do. I like to motivate and inspire people to do what makes them happy and not what the world and media think you should be doing with the only life you have that is your own. Do you!


  6. Amy | Toothbrush Travels says:

    How can anyone EVER be too old for Harry Potter or Disney? that shit is a master piece. (Especially considering most of the films are already like 10-30 years old and *still* relevant. There’s barely any other place that can do that on the same level of significance).

    Definitely agree that you need to do you. It’s a massive learning curve but one that truly benefits you long term x


  7. Ree love30 says:

    Totally agree! You have to do things that please you and no one else as you’ll be the one living with it for the rest of your life! Whether that’s uni course, job, down to clothes. Do what makes you happy! Ree love30


  8. Ella Ivoire says:

    Omg I can so relate to this. I love HP, Disney, etc. In fact I’m obsessed over those things. We’re never too old to something we love, that’s my belief. Oh and you have such cute jewellery!


  9. Katja Knox says:

    I think we also need to remember that working hard isn’t just going to work and doing your best, it’s dedicating yourself to what you love and often some good luck. I got my job in this editorial team mostly because of me beer blog – which sounds crazy considering I am writing for a construction periodical but I showcased my writing in a niche the hiring manager happened to be very keen on 😀
    Katja xxx


  10. Thuymi @ AdventureFaktory.com says:

    THIS IS GOLD – So true dear, do what you love, not to please others. Something I do forget at times. PS: take your time with career – many changes even at 40, so don’t rush into things too seriously, try different path, it’s okay to try around and fail but as long you bounce back until you find the right career fit


  11. Trinity says:

    I have a Disney mug too and to mention my Hello Kitty PJs…. 🙂 As long as you don’t hurt anyone you can do whatever pleases you dear! If someone judges you by the way you dress or lipstick you wear or the mug you like to drink you tea from, then it’s really his/her problem to solve!


  12. guilbertmargot says:

    Goshh! It seems so easy to follow that saying but it’s so difficult! I always double triple think of what people will think about me and my actions and think of it after taking action and it’s really not good.
    It’s no doubt that if you’re happy with yourself, people will feel it and you will bring that happiness to others without even trying. It will flow naturally. But I guess this takes practice.
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts.
    I am working on it. 😉
    xo, Margot


  13. Dreamer Achiever says:

    My brother always says “do what you love and be the best in that – and there is always a job for you”. He’s marine engineer in a country where more than 50 graduates every year but only few is employed in that field. Never stop believing in your dreams and remember that the best ones, the most motivated ones, they’ll get paid for stuff they love the most!

    Nora / http://dreamerachiever.com


  14. Misa says:

    Yes yes yes and yes! Do what you love! Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do or how you should look… Every time I see someone with very specific style first I’m like ,,that doesn’t look good” (when I don’t like it) but then I realise that I’m none to judge and what’s more I should admire (and I do) these people for being just themselves!
    And yes to HP and other stuff like that! I’m once gonna be 40 binge watching series on netflix, so what :))


  15. Kelly says:

    I so agree! If you just do something because you are ‘supposed’ to rather than because you’re heart is in it then you’ll probably not give it your best.


  16. filliabarden says:

    Pick career you love. I don’t like my job, but I just have to do it because the process to build my own business (which is the one I love doing) won’t give me much to pay the bill at the moment.


  17. prernagargagarwal says:

    I love how you’ve expressed a simple fact in your post. It is so important to love what you do in order to sustain it. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


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