My Top 5 Favourite Pixar Movies

Child or adult, there’s nothing that I love more than snuggling up in a blanket and watching a good animated movie. The nostalgia and childlike whimsy are enough to make any day good or bad better (well at least in my opinion). Below are my five top favourites, my go tos if you will.


Finding Dory

Favourite Character/s: Hank or Bailey (but the otters are adorable =^.^=)

Favourite Quote: It’s a cuddle party.” or “When we see the undertow we say? LETS GO!


The Incredibles

Favourite Character/s: Violet

Favourite Quote: “The only normal one here is Jack Jack and he’s not even potty trained!


Monsters Inc

Favourite Character/s: Boo and The Abominable Snowman

Favourite Quote: I think I have a plan here: using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.


Toy Story 3

Favourite Character/s: Lots-o’ Huggin Bear

Favourite Quote: Spare me your lies, temptress! Your emperor’s defeated, and I’m immune to your bewitching good looks.


Inside Out

Favourite Character/s: Anger and Sadness

Favourite Quote:Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now YOU!


I hope you liked my list.

So what’s your favourite go-to Pixar film?

*all images and gifs were found on the internet.

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32 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite Pixar Movies

  1. SofarsoSabine says:

    I heard so much about finding dorey! Did you see this one was in Ellen’s show? It was related to Donald trump. We can all learn so much from children’s movies and books!


  2. Saranda says:

    I basically love all Pixar movies! Finding Dory was pretty much just perfect and I have always been a big fan of Monsters Inc. Besides that I feel like Inside Out did such a good job portraying depression, it made me feel a lot of feels let me tell you that 🙂


  3. Melissa Rose says:

    Inside Out is my absolute all-time favourite Pixar movie. I love the story and the message that it is sending.
    I am a huge sucker for Pixar.


  4. denisemcd75 says:

    Monster Inc is my favourite and I love the Monster University sequel too. I’ve yet to see Finding Dory but if it’s anything like Finding Nemo I’m sure I will love it 🙂


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