Lush Ups-A-Daisy Review

Have you ever smuggled your dirty laundry basket back into the house on a visit to mum, or not been allowed over the doorstep without first taking off your mud-drenched – “Oops a daisy” – socks? If so, this cheerful, grounding bath bomb is designed for you (and your mum).
It slowly dissipates beautiful essential oils – soothing rosewood, delicate rose and bright orange oil – for a fragrance as gently sunny as a Sunday afternoon.

I apologize I’ve been away for a little while due to having some big news and needing to adjust, so it was nice that whilst staying at my mums for the weekend I was able to enjoy for the first time in over a year a Lush bath.

So whilst in my local Lush I asked the staff what bath bomb they recommended for someone who loves earthy, musky or spicy smells and they recommended the Ups-A-Daisy bomb. In the store, the bathbomb smelt delightful earthy with a subtle hint of rose. However, when I got home and smelled it outside of the store it was a lot more flowery than first experienced which was disappointing but I decided to try it out anyways.


Now Lush bathbombs are known for their unique colours, scents, ingredients and how amazing they look in your bath water. With the bomb being two-sided in colours;  yellow and blue on one side and orange and pink on the other I kind of expected the bathwater to go a light orange or pinkish colour, however, I was wrong. The water went a dark yellow colour and honestly not something I look forward to sitting in, it was quite off-putting.

After my bath my skin felt extremely soft and silky, however, my skin had an overwhelming scent of roses which isn’t something I enjoy, but others who enjoy floral scents will.

Overall if you enjoy floral scents this bathbomb is the one for you, for me not so much. (I think the staff may have misinterpreted what I meant by Earthy smells). You can purchase this and others like it at Lush for £3.50.

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17 thoughts on “Lush Ups-A-Daisy Review

  1. Dreamer Achiever says:

    That color of the water really isn’t very attractive! I have never tried a bathbomb (boring apartment of ours has only shower) but I would be curious to try though, I would love rose scent but I’d rather take something which comes in a nicer color. Thanks for the review Kitty! 🙂


    • watchmeblather says:

      my home doesn’t have a bath either which kills me because for 2 years i had to go without my lush bathbombs but luckily i managed to commandeer my mums for the weekend lol and yeah the colour was not attractive at all felt like i was bathing in urine i think i only spent 10mins in the bath this time rather than my usual 30+ :\


  2. Jasmin N says:

    AAAH, I need a bathtub in my life so bad! I’ve always wanted to soak in a proper Lush bath but unfortunately, I’m only able to do so in our apartment in Spain haha. I want a bathtub at home too 😀


    • watchmeblather says:

      I’ve not tried it myself but I’ve heard great things about the Butterball bath bomb it contains cocoa butter for moisturising and ylang ylang for relaxation, it’s been the favourite of a lot of my pregnant friends 🙂


  3. helenevlacho says:

    I would love to try this one, i love buthbombs. Next month i will visit the first Lush shop in my country, can’t wait to shop!


  4. Karoliina Kazi says:

    I love, love, love Lush bath bombs but we don’t have a bath in our current house (booo!!!). Next time I’m travelling somewhere with a bathtub I’m gonna bring one with me and your suggestions sound perfect.


  5. Annika Louise Designs says:

    I love a bath bomb. This one looks very interesting. Is make a the bath look very relaxing. Thank you for sharing.


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