New Year New Goals



Hi guys, how’ve you been?

I’ve been away quite a while and for good reason. As of October 2017 I became a mama and that takes some time to get used to. Now I’m back and I’m going to try and blog regularly. Now last year I wrote myself a series of goals that I wanted to achieve and it’s safe to say that the majority of which I won’t achieve but that gives me the chance to reevaluate.


So what do I want?

Personal Goals

  • To start eating healthily and start exercising again.
  • To move into a bigger house so lil bug has more space.
  • To be more organized and clean

Career Goals

  • To start regularly blogging again and to post at least once a week
  • To be more active on social media
  • To kickstart a career as a freelance writer and editor

So do you guys have any goals for the year? 

Share them in the comments below

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13 thoughts on “New Year New Goals

  1. Zana Djakovic says:

    I am glad that you are back now dear! Love these goals and I am sure that you will accomplish them.
    I wrote a similar post about my resolutions these year. 🙂


  2. karilife says:

    I think you’re goals are wonderful! I’ve been thinking a lot personally about my own goals. I am moving forward with a new motto, “If I’m not pleased with something, change it.” I think it’s even more inspiring considering you are a new mom! You have another human to take care of AND you’re motivated to better your life. That’s amazing!


  3. Dreamer Achiever says:

    These goals are great! I hope your doing well with them. It would be interesting if you would write a follow up post later this year. It would be interesting to hear how well you did. I’ve been doing couple of those and I find it motivating to look back to my goals and check which ones I’ve already achieved. 🙂


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