That time of year again … Valentines


And so it is upon us again. February 14th. Valentines Day. To some the most important day of the year, others not so much. But my partner and I take a different approach to it. So here it comes the obligatory Valentines post.

Unconventional Opinion

My partner and I are constantly told we’re not a conventional couple, which I never understood. At the beginning of our relationship we were really into the whole Valentine shtick, but then again it was the “honeymoon phase” as people would call it. Fast forward to present day and we don’t find it that important. Indeed it’s a nice day but we understand that life, commitments, and other things get in the way, so we don’t get upset if we miss it or one of us doesn’t want to celebrate this year.


Long-Term Relationship

I think that the majority of our opinions on Valentines comes down to the fact we’ve been together over 6 years. As well as this, we live together. We share every space (except the study we each have our own desks). So we don’t do gifts in the traditional sense because it’s just more clutter, if we decide we’re doing gifts it’s generally something we’ll use and enjoy together such as candles, maybe a bottle of rum or whiskey or a fluffy blankie we can cuddle under.



Now in normal circumstances, I don’t like to spend a lot of money, I’d much prefer to save up and do something or buy something I’ve wanted for a while. I wouldn’t say I’m frugal but I’m definitely conscious of where I spend my money; even more so now we have a baby. Instead I think it’s better to choose a cozy night in: cook up some food (usually steaks), have a quiet tipple and curl up on the sofa and watch films.



As I wrote above we have a baby, a 4-month-old to be precise. We’re new parents and today is the first Valentines Day we’ll be spending as mumma and dada. We’ve decided that this year is more special and therefore if we do celebrate it (which I’m thinking we will) we want to include Bug. Afterall he’s the product of our love for each other.


So there you have it.  My opinions on Valentines Day and how I think I’ll be spending it.

What’s your opinion on Valentines? Do you celebrate and if so how?

What’s your favourite Valentines memory?


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