Dear Younger Me (What I Wish I’d Known)

It’s safe to say that just like most people my teenage life was tumultuous. Between friend worries and drama, family issues and school stress, top it off with depression and anxiety and it felt like a neverending pit of crap.  So here’s a list of 5 things I wish I’d known as a teen that would have helped me as an adult.


Teenage Me in all her “emo” glory

  1.  These so-called ‘friends’ you keep trying to please won’t be around when it matters so stop trying to please them all the time.
  2. Following on from that; you don’t need alcohol to have fun. If you do then it’s either the people or activity that needs changing.
  3. Things in life are rarely handed to you. Work hard for what you want or you’ll never get there.
  4. You’ll struggle but you’ll be okay.
  5. And finally; You’ll get there. Yes, things are tough now but trust me your mental health will improve, you’ll meet the love of your life, have an amazing baby and family and be happy. So don’t stress the small things.

It’s safe to say things would have been different had I known these things. Or maybe I secretly knew them but being a stubborn teenager ignored my better judgment I don’t know but at least I can reflect on them now and help my son as he grows up.

So is there anything you wish you could have told your younger self? Things that you know now that would have helped?

If so share them in the comments below.
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23 thoughts on “Dear Younger Me (What I Wish I’d Known)

  1. Karoliina Kazi says:

    I do not miss all that turmoil – it was hard but I think it’s necessary for most people. I think it is like you said, even if someone told me all those things, I may have not understood. Luckily it doesn’t last long 🙂

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  2. Jasmin N says:

    I’m afraid to think what I’ve could’ve done differently back then haha. Love the things you’ve learned. I believe stuff happens for a reason & why things happened like they did back then was meant to be 🙂

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  3. karilife says:

    It’s funny what we waste our time on when we’re young. I would’ve told myself to stop chasing relationships. I wasted a lot of time when the right one ended up coming all on it’s own!

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  4. helenevlacho says:

    There are so many things I would love to say to my younger self that I really don’t know where to start from. I will just say that no one and nothing is exactly as it seems to be, people are so different deep inside, so be careful and don’t trust anyone at first sight!

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  5. Marcella Mind says:

    I would say something similar to myself. When I was younger my father always have telling in life you will have max 5 friends the rest you will saw who they truly are over the time and when you will need them the most.


  6. Zana Djakovic says:

    This so beautifully written and I would tell the same to myself too. When I think of all those things that I used to stress about and now those things don’t even matter… ugh.. 🙂 But I guess all those experiences made me who I am today. Thankful for all the real people in my life. 🙂

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  7. Dreamer Achiever says:

    Lovely post! My favorite is the number 1, I should have done the same. I’d also tell myself to travel and explore the world more and maybe I should have listened myself more than others while doing decisions for my future.

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  8. Phaytea's Pulse says:

    I Just love this post and how relatable it is. Things will not always be handed to you, if the company you keep does not add value to you, then it is time to change them.

    I like to believe that even though there were things I got to know after I have experienced them, the experience makes me a better person and that is how I like to live. Make my mistakes and learn from them. I really like this post. Well done and you’ll make an awesome mum

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  9. LAKATWOMAN says:

    Great reflection here and I am sure your present self is still proud of the driven woman that you are 🙂 The most important thing is we learn from our past and we implement it in our life ahead. Wish you more success xx


  10. Adetunji Otemade says:

    Very important things/advice for all the young people growing up now. I was lucky that I knew all those things when I was younger, thanks to my parents. Making mistakes is a normal part of life, learning from them is of utmost importance for a conscious being.

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