Happy First Mothers Day to me … Baileys Almande review

So this mothers day marked my first of many and although Bug is only 5 months old the people in my life made sure that I felt appreciated and loved. I didn’t expect any gifts as I was quite happy with a cup of coffee and some snuggles but luckily for me, my partner decided to grab me a bottle of the new Baileys Almande to try. This was a lovely surprise given that I’ve been transitioning to fully dairy free due to allergies so here’s what I thought.



Great smooth taste, goes perfectly over ice

Dairy free so means that it’s suitable for those with allergies or vegan

No bitter alcohol taste afterwards

Refreshing and moreish, without sitting heavily in the stomach like most alcohols.


It doesn’t taste quite like Baileys and has a noticeable almond taste (to be expected but not good for those who don’t like the taste of almonds or almond milk)

No variety of flavours. Unlike the dairy counterpart which I used to enjoy before going dairy free, there are no other flavours however this may be as it’s new so maybe in time, we’ll see some of the other flavours in dairy-free form.

As far as I’m aware they’re only available in two stores in the UK; Asda and Waitrose and cost more than the dairy option costing £16 rather than £10.

It separates in coffee. I’m quite fond of an Irish Coffee when the mood strikes; unfortunately this almond milk variation of Baileys doesn’t sit well in coffee (cries).

And lastly, as I said above it’s refreshing and moreish without the bitter alcohol aftertaste. If it wasn’t for me monitoring my alcohol intake due to having a baby to feed and look after I could have quite easily drunk the whole bottle in one sitting.

Overall I was happy with the new Baileys Almande, it will make a nice treat on occasions when I feel in the mood for it.

Have any of you tried the new Baileys Almande? How did you find it? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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