Teapigs Review


I love a good cup of tea. Whether it’s on a morning with my breakfast, at night with a good book or just because I need to feel a sense of calm in my chaotic world, tea always makes things better. When I heard about teapigs* I had to try them, they had loads of flavours, too many to choose just one. Luckily for me, teapigs offer a pick and mix sample box, where you can pick 12 teas to try for Β£13.99. So obviously this was what I chose.


Pictured tea: Mint choc chip, chocolate flake, pure lemongrass, chai tea, spiced winter red and popcorn tea.

Now in the picture above are just some of the teas I have left. Some had duplicates like the spiced red, chai, and chocolate flake, and others myself and my partner drank (roobios creme caramel, superfruit and chilli chai). Each box of tea comes with 2 teabags and the flavours are incredible, there are instructions on the box on whether they taste best with or without milk, I personally drink all without. Out of the 12 boxes of tea that were sampled only two flavours I didn’t enjoy which were caramel and popcorn, however my partner really did. My personal favourites were the pure lemongrass, the superfruits, the chilli chai and the spiced winter red. When drinking them it felt like you were wrapped in a warm blanket, beside an open fireplace listening to the rain trickle down the window. They were comforting, flavourful and aromatic.

I am definitely going to be buying from them again as I found some new favourite teas, but wouldn’t mind trying some new flavours too.Β So what’s your favourite flavour of tea? Do you have a specific brand?

*find teapigs mix and match here

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45 thoughts on “Teapigs Review

  1. Trinity says:

    I’m a green tea lover! I usually drink Twinings green tea flavored with lemon. I also enjoy drinking white tea and rooibos, but black tea isn’t my…cup of tea! πŸ™‚ The popcorn sounds interesting. How does it taste really? Something like butter?.


  2. Jasmin N says:

    I prefer coffee and never actually was a fan of tea, although I guess I should definitely try to have a cup of it someday haha πŸ˜€

    ~ Jasmin N


  3. GIGI says:

    I love both tea and coffee. I choose my drink according to my mood. I haven’t tried new tea, but I am feeling adventurous, this is why I took a look around this post. Thanks for our. GIGI


  4. verushka143 says:

    I love TEA πŸ˜‰ Teapigs is currently available here in South Africa and I was lucky enough to be send a box of samples. I love how beautiful the actual tea bag. The Chai is my favourite.


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