[You do you]: Self – Reflection


Everyone comes to that point in life where they stop and look back at who they used to be and think “wow I’ve changed so much”. It’s a part of life and honestly it’s healthy (if done right). But how do we make sure that our self-reflection is coming from a happy place?

For me it was about looking back at how far I’ve come as an individual, not regretting the things in my past but accepting that, yes they happened and no I don’t wish I could change them. I personally don’t believe in regret. Not in the sense of regretting your past choices, because if you didn’t make those choices or had those experiences you wouldn’t be where you are today.

But then again… what if you look at who you are now and decide you don’t like it? Self-reflection is an important tool to make sure that where you’re heading is where you want to be. Take time out of your day to sit down and write a list of things you’re proud of and things you want to change, goals for the future and how are you going to get there. Come from a positive place when you do this, negative thoughts breed a negative attitude which in turn can make you more likely to do the opposite of what you need.

Lifes a lot to handle. But it’s all about balance and learning from ourselves and others, that way it’s easier to handle.


How do you go about self-reflecting? Answer in the comments below.
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25 life lessons for 25 Years

So yesterday was my birthday, happy 25th to me. And I realised something I’m a much different person to who I was 10 years ago and that’s okay. Here’s an interesting little post I put together with 25 things … lessons if you will that I’ve learnt in my 25 years on this crazy wonderful planet.



  1. It’s okay to not know/take your time figuring out what you want to do in life.

2.  No matter what you do in life someone will judge you, just ignore them and do your               own thing.

3.  The friends you have as a teen may not be your friends in adulthood.

4. If you enjoy something do it often. (so long as it doesn’t hurt you or others)

5. Not everyone wants to see you succeed … do it anyways.

6. It’s okay to ask for help.

7. Mental illnesses don’t mean you’re weak.

8. Don’t ever feel embarrassed for enjoying studying or learning new skills.

9. The earlier you start looking after you body the better.

10. Naps are a lifesaver.

11. Sometimes you just need to bundle up on the sofa with a blanket and a good book,                  movie or tv series.

12. Dance and Sing like no ones watching. It’s good for the soul.

13. Just because you have a different opinion to someone doesn’t mean you’re right and              vice versa.

14. Sometimes things don’t work. It’s not failure if you learn from it.

15. Everything happens for a reason.

16. Life’s too short to waste time on regret.

17. Don’t reply to texts, emails or messages when angry; take time to calm down then                 think things through before responding.

18. Being silly, having “childish” hobbies or having obsessions                                                              *cough Harry Potter cough*, doesn’t make you any less of an adult.

19. Your goals, wants, thoughts and opinions will change.

20. Always have a goal in mind with everything you do.


22. It’s not selfish to say no to people.

23. It’s okay to cut negative/toxic people out of your life; even if they’re family.

24. Enjoy the little things.

25. Everyone changes over time, it’s just a part of life.



So what things have you learnt over time? Share in the comments below.
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Lush Ups-A-Daisy Review

Have you ever smuggled your dirty laundry basket back into the house on a visit to mum, or not been allowed over the doorstep without first taking off your mud-drenched – “Oops a daisy” – socks? If so, this cheerful, grounding bath bomb is designed for you (and your mum).
It slowly dissipates beautiful essential oils – soothing rosewood, delicate rose and bright orange oil – for a fragrance as gently sunny as a Sunday afternoon.

I apologise I’ve been away for a little while due to having some big news and needing to adjust, so it was nice that whilst staying at my mums for the weekend I was able to enjoy for the first time in over a year a Lush bath.

So whilst in my local Lush I asked the staff what bath bomb they recommended for someone who loves earthy, musky or spicy smells and they recommended the Ups-A-Daisy bomb. In store the bathbomb smelt delightful earthy with a subtle hint of rose. However when I got home and smelt it outside of the store it was a lot more flowery than first experienced which was disappointing but I decided to try it out anyways.


Now Lush bathbombs are known for their unique colours, scents, ingredients and how amazing they look in your bath water. With the bomb being two sided in colours;  yellow and blue on one side and orange and pink on the other I kind of expected the bathwater to go a light orange or pinkish colour however I was wrong. The water went a dark yellow colour and honestly not something I look forward to sitting in, it was quite off putting.

After my bath my skin felt extremely soft and silky, however my skin had an overwhelming scent of roses which isn’t something I enjoy, but others who enjoy floral scents will.

Overall if you enjoy floral scents this bathbomb is the one for you, for me not so much. (I think the staff may have misinterpretated what I meant by Earthy smells). You can purchase this and others like it at Lush for £3.50.

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When it finally clicks

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. – Steve Jobs

So as of September this year I will have officially finished my education, leaving me with a BA in Graphic Design and (hopefully) a MA in Fine Art. With the iminent end of my degree looming I’ve been panicking as to what to do with my degrees and what career I wanted. After a lot of worrying, tears, stress and fear I came across the quote above and it really resonated with me. I started listing things that I love to do:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Photography
  • Painting and sketching

For writing I am lucky that I have this blog, it gives me the perfect opportunity to let the literary muses flow; my other creative outlets are overtaken with uni work at the moment and I find myself not wanting to paint or sketch at home very often. But one thing I do find  myself doing quite often is photography. I love it. I’ve always believed in the importance of documenting everyday, memories are so important and photos are a perfect way to capture a moment.





If I adore taking pictures, why had I not ever considered it as a career? With a few months left of university and time not being on my side, it’s time to start writing up a plan of action and that’s what I tend to do from here on out. As well as focusing my degree and speciality more so that I can be the best photographer that I can be.


When did you decide what you wanted to do in life? Are you doing it or still trying? Leave a comment below.
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My life in Books tag

So I am a self confessed Bibliophile, I get great pleasure from collecting and reading many books and have read upto 12 books in one day just because. So when I came across this tag I knew it was fate, so here is ‘My life in books‘ tag.


Find a book for each of your initials

K – To Kill a Mockingbird, Mockingjay, L – Lord of the Flies


Count your age along your bookshelf: What book is it?

Death note Volume 1



Pick a book set in your city or country

I wouldn’t be a true Brit or HP fan if I didn’t pick Harry Potter for this 😛


Pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to one day

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Trilogy – there is so many locations visited and discussed in the books that I would love to visit them all (especially the Loops).


Pick a book in your favourite colour


My favourite colour is green and although I’m not a fan of the UK release cover of this book it’s still green.

Which book/book series do you have the fondest memories of?

This one is super simple and it’s Harry Potter, the whole series greatly affected me growing up and has made me the crazy coffee drinking, cat cuddling, Harry Potter obsessed Kitty I am today.


Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?


Don’t get me wrong I love this book now. But the first time I attempted to read this book in my teens I struggled, mainly because of the language Nadsat which is a Russian influenced English that the teens speak in the book. It made the book even more interesting and I love reading it now but back then damn.


Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

I’m currently collecting the whole Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles, so once I have them all and have finished reading them that will give me great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment; especially since two of the set I’ve managed to get are first editions.



So my question for you is ‘What book did you read in your childhood that shaped your adult life?’
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[You do you]: Fear of Failure as a serial Procrastinator

“Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.” – J K Rowling


Like many I want to succeed in life. To me that means graduating my degree with top grades, maintaining a happy healthy relationship and getting the career I want. My biggest fear in life is to be seen as a failure, it drives me to take on more than I can usually handle and at the same time lead to unrealistic goals and expectations on how things will turn out. However my biggest downfalls tend to put a wrench in the works. My downfalls you ask? Constant over thinking and procrastination. I tend to get too comfy “working” from home resulting in little work actually being done and many shows being binge watched in a period of time.


So how do I overcome my fear of failure and my likelihood to procrastinate?

  • LISTS – my life revolves around to-do lists. I have a list of things to complete for the week and have them in order of priority (what needs to be completed first).


  • NOTEBOOKS – because of my never ending to-do lists I tend to go through many many notebooks they are my life staple and honestly a lifesaver (especially as a student).


  • SCHEDULE – I have a calender on my whiteboard, it’s right outside my bedroom door so when I leave on a morning I know what I need to do that day it’s split into 5 sections: Exercise, Study, Chores, Meal Prep and Appointments.


  • FRIENDS – I make it a habit to tell people what I have to do that day/week and also meet with friends/fellow students to work together at least once a week. This has made me learn that for me the best way to get a lot done is to be held accountable. If I know they expect so much work done by that session/meeting and I haven’t done it I would feel like a disappointment/failure. (working with my fear instead of against it).

So how do you find motivation to get things done? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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My Top 5 Favourite Pixar Movies

Child or adult there’s nothing that I love more than snuggling up in a blanket and watching a good animated movie. The nostalgia and childlike whimsy, is enough to make any day good or bad better (well at least in my opinion). Below are my five top favourites, my go tos if you will.


Finding Dory

Favourite Character/s: Hank or Bailey (but the otters are adorable =^.^=)

Favourite Quote: It’s a cuddle party.” or “When we see the undertow we say? LETS GO!


The Incredibles

Favourite Character/s: Violet

Favourite Quote: “The only normal one here is Jack Jack and he’s not even potty trained!


Monsters Inc

Favourite Character/s: Boo and The Abominal Snowman

Favourite Quote: I think I have a plan here: using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.


Toy Story 3

Favourite Character/s: Lots-o’ Huggin Bear

Favourite Quote: Spare me your lies, temptress! Your emperor’s defeated, and I’m immune to your bewitching good looks.


Inside Out

Favourite Character/s: Anger and Sadness

Favourite Quote:Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now YOU!


I hope you liked my list.

So what’s your favourite go to Pixar film?

*all images and gifs were found on the internet.

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Soap and Glory Glamorama Review


image taken from Boots website

So over the holidays I received this gift set, the aptly named ‘Glamorama’ makeup set. Now I’ve been a fan of Soap and Glory products for years, mainly their ‘Righteous Body Butter’ and ‘Vitamin C facial wash’ but I must admit that’s I’ve never even considered trying their makeup before even though many people rave about it.

So the set itself comes packaged in a hard case with a large mirror that is magnetised to ensure the products don’t get damaged or fall out. Now for the products; in the set you get:

THICK & FAST™ High Definition Collagen Coat™ Mascara in FILM NOIR
SUPERCAT™ Carbon Black Extreme Liquid Eyeliner Pen
GLOW ALL OUT™ Luminising Face Powder

Full face done using all products from set

Now I’m not usually one for wearing mascara or lipgloss, however I really wanted to give the whole set a fair try. With that in mind I’ll start with the mascara; I was pleasantly surprised it was light on the lashes and not clumpy, it lengthened without weighing them down however I didn’t see much in the way of thickening other than them darkening the lashes themselves.

Since we’re on the topic of eyes, next lets review the shadows, two of which are matte (Okey Smokey and What a Night) and the third is a glittery shadow. First of all the formula is great, it’s soft almost buttery with very little fallout, the matte shades blend and apply easily with the brush that comes with the set, however I had to use my finger and the pat it method to get Foil in Love (glitter shade) to stick to my eyes. My only complaint is that when I came back to use them again, I tried to use my usual brush set and found that they didn’t want to cooperate but they work fine with the brush provided, which is a shame. Other than that the trio together make a perfect ‘subtle’ smokey eye.

Next the Supercat liner, I have to say this was one of the smoothest liners I’ve used in a while which says something because I swear by my Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner (£2.50 in Boots) but this glided on so easily and it took me no time at all to do my signature cat eye.

Now for lips, the lip laquer itself was a beautiful shade of pink which although not a colour I usually reach for suited the look, I was also pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t nearly as sticky as most other lip glosses/laquers. However the product boasts that it is ultra-moisturising, repairing and gives a 3D Plump, none of which I experienced although this could be due to the fact I’ve only worn it once (no matter how pretty the colour I just can’t tolerate lip gloss)

Lastly is the luminising face powder, it’s safe to say I’m unsure about this product. I have tried it a few times, sometimes as a highlight others as an all over face powder and I don’t see a difference. Perhaps it the wrong colour for my skintone but it doesn’t show up on my face. Perhaps on someone that doesn’t have pink undertones in their skin this may work wonderfully but that being said I still wear it so either it’s compulsion or subconsciously I think it’s working.

The set is available at Boots store over Christmas, retailing at £20. However the items are available separately: Soap and Glory Boots UK or Soap and Glory official site

So do you have a favourite Soap and Glory product, if so what is it?

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Get to know me

So I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus just for a week or so whilst I get adjusted to the New Year and being back at university; sorry for that. But to kick off the New Year I thought why not introduce you to myself properly with a couple of questions taken from the Youtube ‘Get to know me’ tag.


Christmas Day 2016


Favourite colour?

Green, Earthy green or dark green are my favourites.

How tall are you?

I’m exactly 5ft

Cats or Dogs?


Tea or Coffee?

I’m obsessed with coffee but do enjoy a good herbal or fruit tea on occassion.

Favourite book?

o0o0o hard question, so many to choose from but erm either Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children or Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Favourite movie?

The whole Harry Potter series or Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

Favourite Youtubers?

I watch a lot but my most watched would have to be Brizzy VoicesGrav3yardgirlKiera RoseNinkcompoop and Stephanie Nicole

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Muddled, it varies from alternative to comfy casual, it really depends what I’m doing that day.

What are some of your favourite tv shows?

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, 2 Broke Girls, Haven, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, The Big Bang Theory, Dollhouse … just to name a few =^.^=

What is one bad habit you have?

I like to be cosy which usually leads to procrastinating on important things such as uni work, blog posts, housework or working out D=

So my question to you guys is: “What is one bad habit you have?”.

Please answer in the comment section below, and if you do this tag please tag me in it for me to see.
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My Goals for 2017

So here it is, 2016 has officially come to an end, and oh my goodness was it just me or did that seem to fly by. One minute I’m celebrating New Years and 4 years with my partner next minute it’s almost 2017, uni is almost over, I’ve been with my parnter 5 years and now I have to start making decisions. I’m not one for making New Years resolutions mainly because they never last instead I like to decide what I want to do, then do it so here are my goals for 2017.

my goals list on napkin


  • Start meal prepping – Start making dinners ahead of time so I’m less likely to opt for junk food or fast food.
  • Be more organised – goes hand in hand with the above but also in making sure I’m the most productive I can be.
  • Declutter my home – I’ve become a hoarder and it makes things look messy so I need to deal with that


  • Drink at least 1l of water everyday
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Become stricter with workout regime (aim to lose 1.5st by March-April)


  • Graduate my MA with top marks
  • Have work experience or an internship in the art field
  • Cut down/out alcohol, junk food and takeaways


  • Redesign blog and possibly go self hosted
  • Be more active on social media

Twitter: Current: 161                             Goal: 3oo

Facebook: Current: 150                         Goal: 300

Bloglovin personal: Current: 113         Goal: 250

Bloglovin blog: Current: 109                Goal: 200

Blog Followers: Current: 69                 Goal: 100

All my blogging goals are set with a 3 month deadline in mind.


So do you guys have any goals in mind for 2017?
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