Where do I see myself in five years?


So this is me. 24 years old, more piercings and tattoos than most people would like me to have, addicted to the nostalgia of shows like Buffy, Angel, Charmed etc, obsessed with Studio Ghibli, Disney, Musicals and Horror films, and CATS. But is that all there is to me? No. Now I must admit I was inspired to write this blog post by another blogger called Jasmin* but it really got me thinking about how people see me, what I want and if I’m on the right track to getting there.

  1. I will have hopefully set up my own business and be comfortable with my income.
  2. Living in a home that I love (I don’t even have to own it but that would be nice)
  3. Watching my partner (hopeful husband by then) fulfill his dream career
  4. Which leads me to this one:Β Married? Kids? We’ve been engaged going on two years, together for going on five and hopefully, in five years we’ll have our own family (with more cats of course πŸ˜› )
  5. And lastly: I hope I’m happy. Struggling with mental health issues my entire teen and into adult life has made things difficult but I strive to be optimistic so I won’t let the bad times affect my entire outlook.

So there it is. Five goals/hopes/wishes (whatever you wish to call them) to strive for in five years. I usually find it hard to genuinely know what I want but that’s what I want right now. And who knows in a year, two years, five years I may change my mind and want something different or life might take a different turn for me. But as long as I’m happy I’ll get to where I need to be.

So where do you see yourself in five years?

Also head over toΒ Jasmins postΒ and show her some love.

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25 thoughts on “Where do I see myself in five years?

  1. lifestylequeen says:

    Love this post! I find it helpful to stay on track of your goals when you not only put them into writing but share them with others to help keep you accountable! Best of luck achieving yours πŸ™‚

    Lana | lifestylequeenbee.com

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  2. jjeessoo says:

    Great read. I found myself relating to a lot of the things you mentioned. When I look forward five years, I see myself with my husband and a sassy teenager (eeek!) and a bubbly five year old! Probably an infant by then too! I could be totally wrong about their personalities but that’s what their behaviors tell me so far.

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  3. kaleigh @ xoxoklee.com says:

    I LOVE Charmed, HAHA! It’s always crazy to me to think 5 years ahead. I’m 23 and I still feel like I’m 17, and 5 years doesn’t feel like a long time at all, but in 5 years I hope to be working on my master’s, married, with children, and living in the home we bought together. JEEZ! Adult much?? It’s so wild!! I hope things work out like you at least sort of expect them to! It’s always difficult to plan that far ahead with how fast things change!!


  4. Marie says:

    I really hope everything you listed happens in 5 years! In 5 years I hope to see myself married to my boyfriend who’ve I’ve been together with for almost 8 years! I hope to also be somewhat successful in my business with a comfortable income (nothing too fancy, ha!) and live in our tiny house!


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  5. Annie says:

    Nice post. I’m ALMOSTTT 23, it’s so odd to me that people want kids and a marriage while I just want to get crazy and try out EVERYTHING when I’m on my own (that’ll hopefully happen soon cause I’m going crazy at my parent’s house…). Even a partner is out of the picture O.o ….


  6. Anastasia Nicole says:

    Great post love! As someone who has struggled with mental health issues through her teen years and into her adult life, keeping a positive outlook on everything goes a long way towards being happy. Good luck with the next five years. I know you’ll accomplish your goals and then some.


  7. Matea says:

    I love vision boards! I do it every six months to reflect on where I am and it helps me so much in reaching my goals. I always advise my friends to do it!


  8. lastchance3 says:

    Fantastic post! I love the piercings and would love to see the tattoos. Struggling with mental illness is difficult. Those good days though, you learn to love them even more.


  9. highheelsandabackpack says:

    I share your love for Ghibli!
    Agreed that it is great to have some idea as to where you want to be in the future so that you can set out the steps for working towards it πŸ™‚ I have absolutely no clue at the moment, feeling a bit lost! I’m hoping that this stage will come to me at some point.

    All the best for accomplishing your goals πŸ™‚ !


  10. chasingcuriousalice says:

    Good job on these goals. I will make my own post regarding this one of these days. I think you are creative, positive and just a vibrant person. Keep doing what you love


  11. Eyelashesinmybackpack says:

    I hope you find all happiness, try using words like ‘I will’ not ‘I hope’ , to yourself. if you think positive them positive things come to you, I look forward to reading your future blogs and watching you grow πŸ™‚ xo Charlotte


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